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About Steinway Piano Gallery Kansas City Piano Store

Steinway Piano Gallery of Kansas City is the only factory-authorized representative for Steinway & Sons in our region. Although other companies may advertise and/or offer pre-owned or “restored” Steinway, Boston, or Essex pianos for sale, Steinway Piano Gallery of Kansas City is the only piano retailer in Kansas and Western Missouri that has the support and direct access to the Steinway Factory for all warranty and technical service assistance. Our Kansas City piano store, like the Steinway brand itself, is without equal.

As the premier piano store in Kansas City, before any pre-owned piano comes to our showroom — whether traded in, purchased, or consigned with us – we visit the piano to inspect the environment the piano has lived in. By doing so, we are able to ensure no defects exist and that no extreme allergens or other environmental elements are embedded in the wood and felt fibers that can potentially be harmful for your family to breathe in when the piano is delivered to your home. Pet dander, tobacco smoke, mold, mildew, and insect larvae are some common things that can be found in used pianos. In addition to searching for these issues, we also check to make sure the instrument hasn’t fallen victim to any tragedies such as flooding, fire, or other frequent or long-term extreme temperature and/or humidity changes that can negatively affect the integrity of the piano. On a regular basis, we turn away more offers for used pianos than we accept. So, when our customers visit our piano store in Kansas City to buy a used piano from us, they can be confident in their purchase. This is the primary reason we urge you not to respond to online classifieds, or to Google, “used piano store near me”. True satisfaction and confidence in your purchase is only possible when you make your selection from Steinway Piano Gallery of Kansas City’s used piano inventory. We are the only piano retailer in the region that is backed by the Steinway Factory for all warranty and technical support. This fact alone should provide you with complete peace of mind when making your decision to visit our Kansas City piano store.

When considering a pre-owned STEINWAY, be sure to work with an authorized STEINWAY dealer and insist on a guarantee that your instrument is comprised solely of Genuine STEINWAY parts. Many non-STEINWAY dealers and unauthorized Steinway piano rebuilders use inferior, generic parts, which seriously compromise the instrument’s performance and investment value. Although they may tell you a very moving story about their skills, “qualifications”, or alternate brands of components they use, in the end…

if it doesn’t have 12,116 genuine steinway parts, it isn’t a steinway.